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Cosmetic Injectables
Cosmetic Injectables

FAQ-Frequently Asked Customer Questions.

How Can I Cancel My appointment? 


To cancel, simply follow these steps: Login to the Beauty Besty customer app>Beauty Reservations>Click the specific Beauty Reservation Booking>Hit Cancel.


You have the right to cancel your appointment at any time. No one likes to cancel, but we all have to from time to time. When you place a booking through the Beauty Besty app, you are securing your requested service and time from your Beauty Besty Professional. As per Terms and Conditions 4.2.2 Cancellation of Appointments, any applicable cancellation charges will be clearly identified on your Beauty Besty Reservation summary before you press “Cancel.” All sales are final on any transaction made. Beauty Besty Inc. reserves the right to update your cancellation policy without notice. Please contact us at should you need support.

Once cancelled, you will receive a confirmation message via Beauty Besty, which will be sent to you and the professional.

How can I stay connected with the Professional? 


Once you have placed your beauty reservation, you can add any requests or information pertaining to your appointment in the Beauty Reservation “Additional Information” section of the app. Utilize the in-app chat system or the chat link on your beauty reservation tracking link to communicate with your Beauty Besty Professional once they are en route to your beauty reservation.

How Can I View My Scheduled Appointments?


All appointment reservation details are emailed directly to you. You may also view them via the Beauty Besty App. Beauty Besty Customer App Login>Beauty Reservations>Beauty Reservation Booking Summary.

Examples may include; allergies, arrival and parking instructions, etc. Searching for answers to specific questions? Simply message your Beauty Besty Professional directly via our chat system!

What If I have More Questions?

We're here for you, Besty! Email us at or utilize our built in-app concierge chat system by logging into the Beauty Besty customer app>Menu>Beauty Besty Concierge