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Beauty Industry: Strong Together

The beauty industry has an abundance of the most incredibly talented, sincere, fierce, devoted humans. Beauty professionals are important to many, not just for providing physical beauty services but for establishing special connections, the way beauty professionals can with their clients and one another. 

Today we shine a light on incredible beauty professionals who like us, want to lift you up and inspire you! As an industry, we are in this together. We will be stronger than ever! #BeautyBestyTogether

“Never underestimate the power of entrepreneurs. As a community we will prevail. As beauty professionals, when we are back to work, we will be stronger together”

-Alexandria Scaramuzzo,

Alexandria is a Published Hairstylist and Trusted Beauty Expert of 14 years. Alexandria is a beauty educator, keynote speaker and the

Co-founder Beauty Besty

“Everything in life requires hard work to achieve success; nothing comes easy. Try your best and do everything with passion. Like life, everything starts from inside the heart.” -Johnny Tran, Founder of Hard Rock Nails Toronto, Ontario 

“What would I tell a hairstylist just starting out? Soak up and learn as much as possible! Find a great mentor to take you under their wing, so they can help you grow and develop. There will be many long days and weeks but don’t give up; paint your dreams!”  

-Andrew McEwen, Pro Colour Technician and Balayage Enthusiast. Andrew works at ViviD salon in Mississauga, Ontario.

“Be an expert in your field. Instead of being “Ok” at 5 different services, master one. Never stop educating yourself!” Nicole Hyatt- CEO, Tan On The Run 

“In an industry where things are always evolving and improving, it's important to identify your niche and stay current. Find what you are skilled at and practice, practice, practice. I can't stress enough how important it is to love what you do and therefore, always stay up to date with industry trends and master classics. Don't count yourself our of the game! You don't need 10 years in the industry to make a significant change, to be noticed or to apply to a hair competition. Trust your skills and apply yourself even when you don’t feel “qualified”. Lastly, always be proud of your work!

- Sophie Joseph, Extension Specialist & Bridal Hair. Owner of Hair by SophiaJBeauty 

"My one advice to anyone starting out would be to stay focused, always challenge the norm and keep thriving to want to grow."

- Vee Mistry. Vee is a pro beauty expert who is passionate about sharing her skin expertise through her social media channels. 

“ I love my career and being able to express my creativity; I eat, sleep and dream hair. What I love most and what inspires me are my clients. Seeing the look of excitement, the confidence boost, knowing that I made someone look and feel their absolute best is honestly such a rewarding Incredible feeling.”

-Patricia Zucco. Patricia is a senior hair stylist, colour technician and bridal expert from Toronto, Ontario. 

“I love how there are no boundaries or capacity of how far you can take your work! This industry is constantly evolving and there is always something new to learn. This industry has a family built around it and connecting with other industry professionals that you admire or learn from is a great way to grow and step out of your comfort zone.”

-Victoria Baglione. Victoria is a talented Makeup artist, and beauty influencer from Brampton, Ontario.

Beauty Besty is committed to empowering and supporting beauty professionals in these very trying times. We are waiving fees during this time for the professionals and businesses who currently operate on Beauty Besty, and offering risk-free 3 month professional memberships to Ontario-wide beauty professionals and beauty businesses. Together, we will be stronger than EVER before. Click here to learn more.

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