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Beauty Industry: Stronger Together

Updated: May 15, 2020

Since quarantine began, each month Beauty Besty has released a feature in hopes to connect, inspire and support our beloved beauty industry.

The beauty industry has an abundance of the most incredibly talented, sincere, fierce, devoted humans. Beauty professionals are important to many, not just for providing physical beauty services but for establishing special connections, the way beauty professionals can with their clients and one another. 

Today we shine a light on incredible beauty professionals who filled us in on what they've been doing to stay empowered, connected and motivated in quarantine. As an industry, we are in this together. We will be stronger than ever! #BeautyBestyTogether

Q: How do you stay inspired and motivated during quarantine?

A: During this time in quarantine I have been inspired and motivated by focusing on my business and developing a personal self-care routine. I've had the opportunity to network with industry colleagues and complete 3 online educational classes to expand my professional services. The best part of my day is going on nature walks with my doggy Maya!

-Alexandra Grandilli,

Spray Tan Artist

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Q: How do you stay inspired and motivated during quarantine?

A: I've been using this time to find inspiration for upcoming collections for my hair accessory line - Hair Is Fashion. I use Pinterest and Instagram to look for cool images that speak to me, for new colour combination ideas and to find interesting accessory styles. I'm also keeping a mood board of a few photoshoot themes I'd like to plan with some fellow creatives, when the time is right. 

-Anna Giannini,Internationally Published Hair Artist.

Q: How do you stay inspired and motivated during quarantine?

A: I host a weekly workshop entitled 'THE LOVE LETTER WORKSHOP" every Wednesday in hopes to provide women the encouragement to be vulnerable in sharing their emotions."

-Saira Hussain, Holistic Henna Practitioner, Art Director, aspiring Art Therapist & Women's Style Advocate.

Q: How do you stay inspired and motivated during quarantine?

A: I am able to be more experimental.  I can try new looks and new techniques to perfect my craft. This time has given me the opportunity to reorganize my makeup kit. When I return to work, I will my best professional self! 

-Talisha Kassam Pro Makeup Artist.

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Q: How do you stay inspired and motivated during quarantine?

A: Social media has really been my main tool and has given me a different outlet through which I can educate and inspire my clients!

Having copious amounts of free time at home has also allowed me to really play with makeup, try new looks and step out of my personal comfort level when it comes to makeup. It’s been amazing to try new things and really flex and evolve my craft! 

-Vivien Dimova, Pro Makeup Artist and Trusted Beauty Influencer.

Q: What has Beauty Besty been doing to support beauty professionals during quaratine?

A: As a company, our goal will always be to empower and support beauty professionals. As a start-up company, we have waived all fees during quarantine for the beauty businesses who currently use our app. As well, we are offering 3-month free memberships to all Ontario beauty professionals who register their beauty business by April 30th. All free memberships will kick-off post-quarantine.

On April 9th, I hosted a free masterclass open to all beauty professionals which was a great success!

-Alexandria Scaramuzzo, Beauty Professional

and Co-founder at Beauty Besty

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